Rolling in Style with Moda Fashion Truck!

Food trucks, Airbnb and the possibility of Uber..oh my! Bozeman is catching a “new wave” when it comes to the way it offers goods and services to the community. It’s an exciting time for both entrepreneurs and consumers alike and Bozeman entrepreneur Kelsey Schuerg has jumped on board, onto her very own Fashion Truck that is! May 8th marked the grand opening for Bozeman’s newest shopping hot spot, Moda Fashion Truck, a fashion boutique on wheels! I sat down with the owner (and driver) Kelsey Scheurg to talk about her newest venture.


In 2012, Kelsey and her husband moved to Bozeman from Chicago to reconnect with the great outdoors. Since her arrival to the area, Kelsey has been actively involved in fundraising for the Emerson Cultural Center and contributing to “Give Big” Gallatin Valley. But like a true fashion girl living in Bozeman, Kelsey knew that she wanted to bring something new to the fashion/retail scene while complimenting it at the same time. It has always been her dream to open up her own clothing boutique, and being inspired by the innovative business structure of mobile businesses, she turned to the fashion truck concept.

Fashion trucks have been a new trend driving the Los Angeles fashion scene since 2013. Nationally, the trend began back in 2010 when New York-based designer Cynthia Rowley decked out an old UPS-style truck before taking her fashion line on a national road trip that made several stops in the area. Fashion trucks have taken their game plan directly from the food truck phenomenon that rolled into the L.A. area more than 10 years ago. They spruce up their trucks with bright colors, cool graphics and catchy names as they tweet out information about when and where they’ll pop up next. But instead of serving fusion tacos, organic burgers or lobster rolls, they’re hawking fast fashion as part of the latest business trend to hit the streets. And now the trend has officially hit Bozeman!

“We’re promoting being mobile, a new way of shopping and a creative way of bringing the product to the customer,” said Kelsey.

Kelsey’s main goal is to bring Bozeman another option for more contemporary, fashion forward clothing while offering a fun, different and interactive experience for shoppers. The boutique’s focus will be on unique, hand selected apparel that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! She also sees her business as a new way to be involved in the community. Her cute and inviting truck debuted as a donor lounge for this year’s “Give Big” Gallatin Valley and the shop is also available to book for events or private fashion parties!


13147397_477500239119963_393760026628444159_o     13112786_477500325786621_5575970429492464930_o

Moda Fashion Truck will be parked in multiple Bozeman locations Tuesdays through Sundays. Make sure follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to catch her schedule! Her decked out and stocked up truck is so cool you won’t be able to not go inside!

I am personally excited about the new and innovative business ideas that are being brought to Bozeman. Gone are the days where you are tied down to a desk and one location. If you can dream it you can do it and I hope Bozeman continues to embrace these new opportunities for it’s residents, visitors and business owners! They all contribute to our economy and community in some aspect.

Time to go shopping!



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